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Christian Retailing
Welcome to VCRS 2011
Show extended till the end of April!

We invite YOU - and EVERYONE on your staff - to participate in our NEW event - the Virtual Christian Retailing Show (VCRS) - January 1st - April 30th. It's FREE to you and everyone on your bookstore team! Whether you were able to attend one of the industry trade shows in May or June, we know you still want to know What's New! What's Hot! and What's on Sale! from your favorite suppliers.

The Virtual Christian Retailing Show is sponsored by Christian Retailing and it includes:

  1. Vendor pages from some of your favorite suppliers
  2. Webinars for training and
  3. Author/Artist Release events.

All of these options are FREE to you!

From January 1st through April 30th - any retail store employee will also have the opportunity to sign up to win a FREE iPad ($500 value) with each different visit you make to our vendor sites. Each time you register on a vendor site - it increases your chance to win!

We encourage every store in our industry to join CBA as a member and to attend the association's International Christian Retail Show each summer. We feel it is important for our industry to gather on an annual basis. But if you cannot be there, here is a solution for you. With our Virtual Christian Retailing Show you can enjoy many of the benefits of an industry trade show without the commitments of time and money that may be beyond your means.

So go visit your favorite participating suppliers - and support their efforts to connect with you in the comfort of your own store or home. Take advantage of Special Offers on their vendors pages, and tell them how much you appreciate them!